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Allocacoc is setting a different standard on a market that remained unchanged for many years. We critically examine well-established commonplace products, rethink these, and add value by increasing functionality and design. With our distinctive philosophy for industrial design and business, we will achieve our vision to create a different standard and have our products impact and run the market.

Allocacoc is a Dutch multi-national Industrial Design Company which focuses on launching innovative products to the market, in order to set ‘a different standard’ of lifestyle. By vertically integrating the Design, Production and Distribution business activities, Allocacoc provides consumers valuable and affordable products. Allocacoc has been honoured the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014 for the PowerCube series, and will continue to launch products to set a different standard.
Industrial Design,Manufacturing
51 t/m 100 werknemers
Rotterdamseweg 386 B-1,
2629HG, Delft
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