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HR manager

Northern Lions Esports Leeuwarden
60+ dagen geleden

Organization: Stichting Northern Lions Esports

Function classification: Head of Training and Recruitment

Salary group: NONE

Goal of the function

Make sure that any department gets the employees they need and that they are well informed about the workings of the company. Make sure that every employee stays happy with their current position.

Place in the organization

The place in the organization can be seen in the image above. The head of HR will report back to the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Result areas

  • Keep onboarding information up to date.
  • Create any necessary job profiles.
  • Guide new employees.
  • Help with job interviews
  • Keep up to date with current employees
  • Fix Internal conflict


Can get tasks from the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Apart from that they decide their own priorities and working order.

Internal contacts

Every department.

Nature of contact:

Informing, onboarding, assigning tasks, offboarding, solving internal conflict

External contacts

Not applicable at this time.

Needed education level and experience

HBO level of thinking, preferably in 3rd of HBO and access into the internship programme of your study. Preferred to have experience with company structure and within the esports industry.

Necessary knowledge area and skills

  • Understanding of company structure and onboarding
  • Teamwork skills.
  • Ability to spot internal issues.
  • Good communicative skills and the ability to understand people from their point of view.


  • Dienstverband: Stage
  • Uren: 10 - 15 uur per week
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