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PhD vacatures in Oostzaan

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  1. Deputy Medical Director for OCA/Head of Amsterdam PHD

    Artsen zonder Grenzen Amsterdam

    Their direct counterpart is the 2nd Deputy Medical Director, who is head of Manson Unit within the PHD+. Together with the Medical Director and the London based Deputy...

  2. PhD Position Effective Adaptive Learning & Skill Formation

    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    As a first part of this PhD project, and to reduce existing information asymmetries effectively, the development of a unified online skills platform (“Skills Aligned”) linking...

    Vrije Universiteit
  3. 2 PhD candidates in Industrial Sustainable Chemistry

    Universiteit van Amsterdam Amsterdam

    We have 2 PhD positions available to explore research in close collaboration with industry which has an applied character. Job description We are currently exploring various...

    Universiteit van Amsterdam
  4. PhD candidate in History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics

    Universiteit van Amsterdam Amsterdam

    The research questions of the PhD project will regard historico-philosophical investigations in Bolzano´s general idea of science against the background of the so-called...

    Universiteit van Amsterdam
  5. PhD candidate in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

    Universiteit van Amsterdam Amsterdam

    Applicants with a degree in chemistry are also requested to detail their affinity with condensed matter physics and motivation for pursuing a PhD in experimental physics...

    Universiteit van Amsterdam
  6. Promovendus (PhD Student) beeldvorming en radiotherapie ( uur)

    Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Amsterdam

    Recent zijn hiervoor de functionele beeldvormende technieken PSMA PET en ASL MRI beschikbaar gekomen, waarmee respectievelijk het verlies van vitale kliercellen en dynamische...

    Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
  7. PhD candidate in Soft Condensed Matter Physics

    Universiteit van Amsterdam Amsterdam

    The PhD candidate is also expected to assist in teaching of undergraduates. The Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities is applicable. The goal of this PhD...

    Universiteit van Amsterdam
  8. PhD candidate in Experimental Physics

    Universiteit van Amsterdam Amsterdam

    The aim of this PhD project is to investigate the assembly and mechanics of complex colloidal structures made from patchy colloidal particles. A PhD position is available in...

    Universiteit van Amsterdam
  9. PhD Student CONNECTION

    Academisch Medisch Centrum Amsterdam

    PhD students (Onderzoeker in Opleiding) are placed in scale 21, with a fulltime gross salary that ranges from €2266,- to €2903,- and is based on qualifications and experience...

    Academisch Medisch Centrum
  10. PhD Scholarship

    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    De Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid biedt met de PhD scholarship veelbelovende kandidaten de kans om als kandidaat-promovendus het onderzoeksvoorstel uit te werken naar gelang...

    Vrije Universiteit
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