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For more than 29 years, Arbor Media B.V. has been a software development leader for audio and video applications. From our inception, we have focused on delivering solutions that exceed our customers' expectations. We combine our years of expertise with detailed input from our customers to repeatedly create innovative, user-friendly solutions. Today, Arbor Media is the European market leader in conference recording and streaming services.

We have always envisioned our company's software like a tree: it must be based on deep roots and a solid trunk, which represent the stability and proven nature of our product. Like a tree, our software can grow into something powerful and majestic. As we move into the future, we see this growth leading the industry into an era where professional audio video services is all about the right software.

Our dedicated team of professionals bring knowledge and experience in audio video technology, streaming media and ICT technology to the table. Our diverse customer base, which includes major corporations and government organizations, sets a high bar for Arbor Media. With their feedback, input and demands, we are able to improve the quality and functionality of our products time and again.

By focusing on our core business, we provide an increasing number of larger organizations, such as parliaments, courts, and television stations, with extremely user friendly and efficient solutions. The European Parliament, the European Commission, other government organizations and radio stations all turn to Arbor Media for audio video solutions.

Our core business encompasses the complete workflow around audio video initiatives. We offer meeting preparation and management services, which includes conference system control, camera control and live voting. We provide recording services including compliance and conference recording. In addition, we help our customers with live streaming, web publishing, video-on-demand, transcription, archiving, monitoring and content repurposing services.

To support our core business and mission, Arbor Media has developed core competences based on particular demands and needs of our customers.

* High Video Quality, encouraged by our broadcast customers
* Security, encouraged by our military and secret service customers
* Multi-Platform, encouraged by our hospitality customers
* Accessibility, encouraged by our Parliament customers
* Multi-Lingual, encouraged by our European institutions and global organizations
* Flexibility, encouraged by all our customers

Arbor Media places a priority on continuous internal and external training of our team so we can preserve and develop these core competencies into the future.

Our company operates from our Dutch headquarters office as well as supporting locations in Brussels and in North America. Our support team is available 24/7 and is well-known by our customers as friendly, professional, helpful and efficient. We pride ourselves on meeting specific requirements that governments and other customers demand from their suppliers.

Our customer partners include the European Parliament, the Scottish Government, Shell Corporation, BBC News and Sheraton Hotels and Resorts. We provide services to parliaments, city councils, court rooms, houses of worship, broadcasters, enterprises, content providers, and hospitality organizations. We provide conference recording, compliance recording, broadcast monitoring, live webcasting, video-on-demand, content repurposing, transcription service, and preservation and storage services to these and many other customers.
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