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Boreal Laser Inc. and its predecessor, Aurora Laser Inc., have developed and constructed laser systems since 1986 for the Canadian Forces Defense Research Establishments, for licensing to private industry and for their Boreal's own manufacturing.

Aurora Laser and its medical Nd:YAG laser technology was sold to Carl Zeiss, the German optical manufacturing foundation, in 1990. Boreal Laser licenses patented technology to the world's largest manufacturers of medical and industrial lasers.

Since April 1993, Boreal Laser has concentrated on the development of laser-based gas detectors featuring the use of telecommunications diode lasers, fiber optics, photodetectors and related technology. Worldwide conversion of telephone and computer communications to this type of transmission has resulted in enormous demand for these telecommunications devices and correspondingly great development of reliability and reduction of cost.

The GasFinder as originally conceived has grown into a family of high precision industrial monitoring solutions for any scale of operation. Through the guidance of the President, Jack Ondrack, and the Technical Director, Dr. John Tulip, the Boreal GasFinder has become an accepted technology in 22 countries to date.
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