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Fonto is looking to hire a Software Engineer to join our growing software development team. This is an exciting opportunity for developers with strong analytical and system design skills. We are seeking creative, passionate, engineering minded software engineers looking for an environment with a core set of values anchored in trust, autonomy and a relentless focus on user experience. We stimulate people to own the technical vision and development of a sub domain or capability.

On our team, you will be designing, developing, and supporting the core functionality that drives our platform using the latest technologies available. All this with one goal, to stay ahead as the most intuitive XML editor in the world.

The product you are building is complex and quality of code is super important! So expect test automation, unit testing and delivery automation practices. This ensures that you bring a high quality product to the market that adds real value to the end user. Technology is the focus of the company and therefore, you as an engineer, are a core asset. This means we understand the importance of you, your ideas, development and overall wellbeing.

Fonto has a proven track record. We're a stable company with very experienced software engineers who have been working on Fonto for years. Your colleagues are intelligent and think on a high conceptual level. Many have a MSc or PhD in Mathematics and/or Computer science. So great possibilities to expand and share your knowledge with colleagues!

------------------------------------- What is the Fonto authoring platform? -------------------------------------

Fonto is the leading structured content authoring platform for companies all over the world. We empower thousands of subject matter experts (a.k.a. authors) around the world to create structured (XML) content.

Our flagship product is an online text editor, like Google Docs, but specifically for XML documents, that we validate in real time against all sorts of XML schemas. To give you some context, all sorts of companies like Toyota, BBC, Pearson, VMware, Cathay Pacific, Roche, ISO and various governments use Fonto to easily structure, reuse, reconfigure and adapt their content to individual needs.

The Fonto XML Editor is fully developed in JavaScript. It consists of three parts; the user interface, the intermediate layer, both written in JavaScript and React and the core, which is built from different components written in Vanilla JavaScript or TypeScript. The editor core contains a number of open source components, like the schema validation engine ( ( )), a DOM implementation ( ( )) and an XPath/XQuery engine ( ( )). In addition to the text editor, we also have a number of extensions/apps available. These are generally back-end services implemented in .NET Core to which we connect via XHRs.

We automate everything we can, using modern technologies like Travis, Bitbucket pipelines, Kubernetes clusters and the Azure cloud.

We are working with a kanban software development model which allows us to make a new release every quarter.

If you want a quick impression of Fonto, check out ( ) or just scroll through our Documentation ( ).

----------------------- Qualifications you need -----------------------

  • 3+ years of professional experience in software engineering

  • Extensive experience with Vanilla JavaScript and preferably some experience with functional programming and languages like C++

  • Experience with a modern JavaScript framework (such as React, Vue.js, Angular) is a plus

  • MSc level of thinking

  • See technology as a passion, not something you just do between 9-5

  • Experience with continuous integration and deployment technologies

  • Experience in an agile environment with an Agile Mindset

  • Experience with automated testing

  • Thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms

  • Experience with working with a large code base is a plus

  • Ownership mentality: taking responsibility, being able to manage yourself and being a team player

  • You’re fluent in English.

-------------------- Perks & Benefits --------------------

  • All the joys of product development.

  • Working with 30 passionate colleagues who genuinely care about what they do.

  • Agile working; the best of kanban, scrum, common sense and healthy sense of reality based on decades of combined experience.

  • Opportunities to make a difference in a nimble, highly productive environment.

  • Tasty lunches with daily fresh bread and (almost) all the spreads that AH delivers.

  • Coffee machine with good beans, Quooker for hot tea in 20+ flavors, water cooler for cold water and soft drinks in the fridge.

  • Fresh fruit, biscuits, chips and other snacks.

  • Weekly Friday afternoon drinks with music, beer, wine, and frying for the enthusiast.

  • Free T-shirts and other merchandise.

  • Yearly city-trips.

  • Enjoy what you do everyday!

-------------------- Fonto as an employer --------------------

Fonto is a founder-owned, fast growing and profitable company. We are a 100% tech team, based in Rijswijk, close to The Hague.

With over 30 loyal colleagues we make great software for companies all around the world.

Some of us travel a lot, most of us code a lot. Within the company there is no hierarchy nor a one-man show. Instead, you’ll work in a fully agile, transparent and strongly collaborating team! No one gives you orders, you’ll get all the freedom you can handle.

Bron: Recruitee

  • Dienstverband: Loondienst
  • Uren: 32 - 40 uur per week
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