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You will independently determine your marketing strategy, manage your marketing budgets, and be responsible for ROMI%. In addition to purely marketing functions, you will also be a project manager (10% of your time). By the way, you will have an assistant who already carries out the technical work of an Internet marketer (setting up letters in GetResponse, conducting training, etc.).

If it is important for you to engage in a project with a high-quality product that is value to people and you have a vision or how to achieve the goals described above - send a resume to and we callback to you.

What do we expect from you:

  • Experience in digital marketing from 2 years (1 year in online school);
  • Experience of organizing webinar funnels;
  • Work experience with different sources of traffic (FB, Insta, GDN, others);
  • The experience of creating conversion sites;
  • Experience of effective work with the base;
  • Copywriting skills;
  • Developed a sense of good design.

What will you do in AVS:

  • Development of the marketing strategy or the project as a whole;
  • Improve the existing webinarn funnel and develop new ones;
  • Improvement of webinars (preparation of presentations on webinars; improvement of texts and structure of webinars, except for the content part);
  • Email marketing, writing texts for webinar crates, and optimizing Open Rate, Click Rate, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate;
  • Work with the database or subscribers (via e-mail);
  • Work with traffic managers (outsourcers) and target advertising in Facebook, Instagram, GDN (search, control, work, etc.);
  • Introduction of new sources of traffic;
  • Analysis of the target audience and competitors in the preparation of new products;
  • Preparing sites for Tilda;
  • Conducting analytics or indicators or project efficiency (LED generation, profitability, conversion, etc.);
  • Establishment and control of tasks implementation by traficologists, designers, copywriters, programmers etc.
  • Setting up tasks and controlling the work of a marketing assistant.
  • Performance or project manager functions (coordination of work of the sales department, traffic managers, speaker and other process participants).

What we offer:

  • Financial motivation from 1,000 USD per month. (Fixed at + 15,000% or marketing profit)
  • Ability to take part in an interesting project with a good product;
  • Official employment;
  • A comfortable office;
  • Access to online courses on internet marketing (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Messengers etc.) with a total cost of $ 4,000 + after 2 months of work;
  • Free tea, coffee, cookies, table tennis;
  • Positive young team.


  • Dienstverband: Loondienst
  • Uren: 36 - 40 uur per week
  • Salaris: € 700 t/m € 1000 per maand
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