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Azavista is a solution for corporate event organizers who are aiming to streamline their event planning processes. We offer a complete set of event technology solutions for any event in your calendar that will help you increase efficiency, improve communication and productivity and enhance attendance. Through a wide set of modules and functionality, users can set up multiple events, integrate with your CRM and marketing automation systems, manage registrations, project management and much more from one single interface. We also offer a check-in app and participant event app that can be built and customized within minutes of the help of your development team. We created a flexible, innovative and easy-to-use, complete platform. Easily adaptable to new and changing trends and market needs, meaning planners can always reach their event expectations. Since our foundation in 2011, thousands of event planners have used our platform to be more efficient and productive in turn enabling them to create better events. Learn more about us here → 
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